High Fashion at the Lava Tubes

Alright you guys, here it is. This shoot freaking knocked my socks off. Adri and Taylor are beyond talented, I absolutely loved working with them! The Lava Tubes in Fillmore are quickly becoming my favorite location in Utah. These ancient caves were formed by tunnels of lava about 100,000 years ago, the latest of eruptions in that area happened only 660 years ago. How crazy is that? It blows my mind! 

Janay Marie created the STUNNING gown that Adri wore on this shoot... like she made it with her very own two hands. I can't get over how beautiful and talented Janay is, and what a sweetheart she is for letting me drag that dress around a network of caves. What a champ! Speaking of getting dragged around a cave...

Miss Adriane is the baddest bad A you will ever meet. She walked around BAREFOOT the entire shoot. I have behind the scene footage of her poor little self tiptoeing it because it looked the best on camera, she wins all the wins. However, Taylor also wins because he knows his angles, and his dance and theatre background helps him fall into natural poses. LOVE IT! 

Taylor and Adri worked so well together! They're friends so they have a natural chemistry, but can also fake some serious feels. It was funny, every time Taylor looked "deep into her eyes" Adri had to take a second and compose herself because she wanted to laugh. After a breath or two though, Adri's looks could totally kill. 

I want to give a huge shout out to The Silver Loft  for providing us with awesome jewelry to play with. Leisa is a doll, and her jewelry is so personal and beautiful. I can't wait to work with her again on future shoots! 

Enough blabbing, check out these KILLER photos.