Deidre Henderson

Deidre Henderson is a member of the Utah State Senate, and a pretty cool lady. Our shoot was at the State Capitol building in Salt Lake, and getting there was an adventure! We got stuck in traffic because the President was freaking down the street, what the heck? I totally forgot he was coming to Salt Lake! Is it weird I feel proud I got stuck in traffic caused by his Mr. President self? I'm gonna say no.

I had a really great time photographing Mrs. Henderson, I kinda wanted to hang out with her all day. You can feel how passionate she is about helping the people she represents, and her knowledge of the men and women who set the ground work for women in government is amazing! It made me want to get with it in learning and staying up to date on what's going on in local and state politics. 

Deidre is a great example and I'm really happy I was able to meet her.